Riedell Model 19 Emerald Jr. Skate Set

  • Boot Material: Micro Fiber
  • Color: Black, White
  • Price Range: $100 - $199
  • Series: Recreational
  • Support Rating: 0-30 (Light)
  • Tongue Rating: 2.0-2.5 (Medium)
Get ready for fun with the Riedell 19 Emerald Jr ice skate, the junior version of the 119 Emerald. Light support with double synthetic reinforcement. Leather tongue reinforcement adds protection and strength. PVC sole unit and Dri-Lex® lining keeps feet dry. Newly designed, padded Achilles Tendon collar gives added comfort. Features a faux emerald studded lace bar. The 19 Emerald Jr. set comes with the stainless steel Luna blade that provides great performance.

  • Details
  • Sizing
  • Lace Sizing
Boot Features: 
  • Open throat design
  • Flex notch
  • Hand-rolled collar
  • Higher toe box design
Skate Skill Level
  • Basic Instructional/Recreational
  • Available in White or Black
Support Level
  • Boot: 30 Support Rating – Light
  • Tongue: 2.0 Tongue Rating

Blade Information: 
  • Luna Blade
    • Stainless Steel
    • Straight Rakes
    • 7 foot rocker
    • Riedell Series: Beginner Series
    • Eclipse Blade Ranges: 1, 2

Available Sizes:

  • Model 19 Emerald (Youth/Junior Sizes)
    • White: 9–3 1/2 Full and Half sizes; Medium Width
    • Black: 9–3 1/2 Full and Half sizes; Medium Width

*Youth: sizes 9–13 1/2; Junior: sizes 1–3 1/2

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Lace Sizing

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