Eclipse Infinity Titanium Blade

  • Blade Material: Titanium
  • Blade Style: Parallel
  • Price Range: $400 - $599
  • Radius: 8 ft.
  • Series: Advanced
  • Toe Pick Style: Straight Cut
The Eclipse Infinity Titanium blade gives the skater a powerful transfer of energy to the edges and provides wonderful control. The 8 ft. radius provides added speed and secure edges, while the aggressive style straight cut toe rake design ensures positive performance. Lighter, Stronger, Faster; Titanium outperforms other blades in its class.


  • Details
  • Russian titanium body – 45% lighter than steel
  • Swedish stainless steel runner
  • Heat tempered
  • Right and left sole plates
  • Designed for custom R.O.H.
  • Foam packaging and polishing cloth
  • Made in North America
Skill Level:  Double, triple, and quad jumps
Toe Pick:  Straight Cut
Radius:  8 ft.
Suggested R.O.H.:  7/16"
Sizes:  Available in 8 1/4"–12"
Style:  Parallel